NCLCC’s Forum at the NCACLS Annual Conference on August 13, 2016

The National Chinese Language and Culture Coalition (NCLCC) held a forum entitled “NCLCC’s Missions and Roles in Chinese Education in America” at the National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools annual conference in DC on August 13, 2016.

Dr. Yulan Lin, Executive Director of National Chinese Association of Secondary-elementary Schools (CLASS), hosted the forum. Dr. Galal Walker, Director of the National East Asian Languages Resource Center (NEALRC) at the Ohio State University, made a brief introduction of NCLCC organizational history, its mission and visions at the beginning of the forum and a closing remarks at the end of the forum.

Dr. Dali Tan of CLASS, introduced CLASS to the audience and her presentation focused on how the NCLCC encourages pipeline programs from K-12 to the highest levels of proficiency and expertise, and develops high quality teacher training.

Ms. Mary Shuai, Honorary President of the Chinese School Association in the United States (CSAUS), introduced her organization and discussed on how the NCLCC expands goal-oriented study abroad programs and forms a united voice to realize the NCLCC’s mission.

Dr. Wenling Hsieh Lin, President of the National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools (NCACLS), introduced her organization and emphasized the importance of using modern technology in research projects, materials development, curriculum design, and assessment, and conveyed the information that the NCLCC is willing to work together with other organizations, companies, government agencies, teachers, and learners to promote Chinese language and culture nationwide.

In addition to this forum, the NCLCC is planning another forum at the 2016 ACTFL in Boston.