Second Forum at the 2015 ACTFL

On Saturday morning, November 21, at the 2015 ACTFL in San Diego, the NCLCC held a meeting to discuss the Coalition’s one-year work plan for 2016, hosted by Lorna Xing of CSAUS.  At this meeting, they decided to have reps monthly meetings attended by one or two representatives from each organization.

On the same day, the participants of NCLCC organized and conducted a forum entitled “Beginning to Dialog with Our Fellow Americans.”  This forum was hosted by Dr. Yulan Lin. Dr. Walker presented the introduction and conclusion, and the representatives of the three organizations, Baocai Jia of CLASS, Lorna Xing of CSAUS, and Wenling Lin of NCACLS, discussed the necessity, significance, and benefits for the Americans to include Chinese language and culture in our children’s educations.